Forneria Il Pane di Maurizio Sarioli
via Musei 18/A Brescia



Sourdough or Pasta Madre is the raw dough at the starting point of all our processes, which helps us everyday giving the right aroma, taste and consistency to our foods.

We always select only the highest quality raw materials; our keywords are experience, love for craftsmanship and patience, that everyday allow us to exalt our products to the maximum.

Sarioli is the perfect place for those who love eating healthy and nutritious foods without forgetting the taste for goods things.

The Master

Maurizio Sarioli, our Master, was born in 1963 in Brescia, from a father who was also a baker and started his career at an early age, at fourteen.

Years by years he discovered an enormous passion for this work and for the research of raw materials to reach his best to his public.

This is my life, misusing himself with the biggest name in the bread-making world, partecipating to the most important national, European and world’s competitions making them more interesting.

Awards and recognitions:

2016: Third place at Mondial du Paine (Taiwan)

2005: Fourth place at Coupe du Monde de la Boulangerie (Paris)

2003: First place at concorso di Pane Artistico dell’International Rotary Club (Sant’Angelo Lodigiano)

2002: First place at Coupe d’Europe de la Boulangerie e Boulangerie Patisserie (Paris)

2001: Second place at Coupe d’Europe de la Boulangerie e Boulangerie Patisserie (Paris)

Food & Drink

Man doesn’t only live by bread…

We at Sarioli’s know it well, so why not enjoy a break, maybe with coffee, a breakfast, a cuddle or just a snack?

Inside our place you’ll find this too, came here when you prefer to enjoy artisan’s drinks and appetizers: pizzas, focaccia, sandwiches and much more, in a place permeated by the smell of freshly baked bread and ground coffee.

Artisan’s is better!

…and Wi-Fi? Be quite, there’s also that one.

Forneria Il Pane
di Maurizio Sarioli
Lun / Sab 07:00 → 20:00
via Musei 18/A Brescia